Our History


From Humble beginnings...

We have come a long way from our humble origins as a martial arts club. Our story begins in May 1975, when Master Cees Keukens first operated a martial arts school in Scarborough Ontario, Canada. Student demand grew and so did the fledgling martial arts club. By 1978, there was such a great demand that help was needed. That help came in the form of Robert Moffatt as public relations and marketing director. The creation of this partnership prompted 2 name changes. In 1982 to Cees Keukens School of Tae Kwon-Do and six years later The Rising Sun Martial Arts was born.

At it's launch under the new name there were a modest two schools in two cities. This included 25 years of martial arts experience and boundless ambition. Rising sun immediately began to expand, modernize and update it's curriculum and facilities setting standards of quality that others could only follow.

Far sighted planning, investment, and innovation propelled a growing reputation and student body.

The little martial arts school from the city became big.

The Rising Sun Today


... To a world class Martial Arts Academy

Today The Rising Sun is internationally recognized as one of the leading martial arts schools. Our network spans over six cities Greater Toronto Area. We operate the most student oriented schools in the industry concentrating on student improvement rather than competition. We never forget that we owe our size and success to our members. The Rising Sun was one of the pioneers of martial arts educational training. With innovations such as video reinforcement training and printed educational materials have made The Rising Sun synonymous with the highest quality martial arts training and support for its members.